What is backend development?

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Importance of Backend development in web design Tenerife

When you access the Internet and view a page, it is common to generate an impact. Depending on the web design Tenerife used, the visit will be pleasant or unpleasant and will determine whether you want to continue browsing within it or not. But, a website is much more than what can be seen; in fact, its operation is given as a function of various imperceptible elements, grouped under the backend name.

The backend is the area of ​​web development that is responsible for the processes that allow the optimal functioning of a website. Unlike front-end, the elements are not visible to the user; but they operate behind the appearance of the design, and hence they are given such a name.

When it comes to elements that are not perceived by the user, it could be thought that the backend is irrelevant; But nothing further from reality. And it is that, thanks to it, the person can see the web design result and more than that, enjoy a page that works logically.

How does the backend design work?

The tasks that are executed in the backend are very different from those observed in the front-end. This is the part of the website from which its logical operation is controlled. Therefore, it requires the use of complex languages and the use of frameworks, essential to guarantee a pleasant visitor experience.

A framework is a work environment in which the processes that make possible the use of codes or the development of applications, in an efficient way, are established; hence, let it be a reserved area for true specialists. Additionally, the professionals dedicated to the backend ensure that they can be carried out:

Results of backend development
  • Database connections.
  • Management of web server libraries.
  • Logic actions.
  • Creation of elements that facilitate the development work.

Each of them is aimed at guaranteeing a maximum level of security, performance and speed. Thus, when combined with the design elements, a fully operational page is obtained. In this regard, it should be mentioned that its relevance is neither higher nor lower than that of the front-end. Both layers require each other and without that complementarity they could not fulfill their objective.

Why is backend development important?

An easy way to understand the backend is to compare it to a movie or play. Although these artistic expressions have a part admired by the audience, they would not be possible without the work that is done out of public view.

Web pages act the same way. The developers in charge of the backend, although they work behind the curtain, are responsible for everything visible to work properly. And in practical terms, here are some reasons that justify its importance:

  • Guarantees the security of the website. It is through the backend that the mechanisms that protect the identity and other data of the users are incorporated. This is essential for increasing visitor traffic.
  • Allows websites to be lighter. The loading speed is one of the factors that influence the permanence or abandonment of the page. If the Internet user perceives that it will take a long time to access the content, he will look for what he needs elsewhere. Good backend development will increase performance, providing an optimal experience.
  • Ensures effective information exchange.The interaction of visitors with the content generates certain data; such as usernames and passwords. Without a good backend, there is a risk that there will be errors in their management, even affecting security.

You may not be able to see how all the tasks related to the backend of a page are executed, but you have to recognize that its relevance is undeniable. Without it, web design would be nothing more than a set of visually pleasing elements, which could not be interacted with and would not be able to respond to the user's needs.

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