What are the different modalities of web design today?

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Modalities of web design in Tenerife

Creativity has no limits and thanks to that, there are a lot of types of web design in Tenerife to consider. However, the digital dynamics it is constantly changing and this implies adapting to the new demands that arise over time. Today, there are methods that set the standard and guarantee the success of a page in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Keep reading, here we will present them to you.

One aspect that must be kept in mind when applying one or the other model is the user experience. This factor is the north of web design; every time, from the people satisfaction that interact with the page, depends on the fulfillment of its objectives.

For this reason, companies should conduct a pre-assessment process before applying these modalities. To begin with, it is necessary to define the most popular ones and choose among them the one that best suits the customer profile of a brand.

Main modalities of current web design

Web design has evolved remarkably from its inception to the present day. In its beginnings, it was based on the use of text and, at best, there was some variety of colors. Later, other elements were incorporated, such as icons, images, buttons and audiovisual resources.

Currently, the objective is not so much to incorporate new components, but to guarantee the best browsing experience. Therefore, the latest trends point towards the compatibility and adaptability of the page to the devices on which it will be viewed. Based on this, the most predominant modalities are:

current web design
  • Liquid or fluid design. It relies on site elements spanning the full width of the screen. Due to its characteristics, it can be adapted to any size and is compatible with high or low resolutions. One point in its favor is that the fonts are measured in “Em” units, which makes it easy for the user to adjust their dimensions as required.
  • Responsive design. It is a model designed for mobile phones, but it does not apply exclusively to them. Unlike other trends, in this case, the elements are incorporated using smartphone screens as a reference and then adapted to the size required by other devices. They represent a great advantage around the user experience and their configuration is simple.
  • Flexible layout. It is applied in those cases in which the demands of a project require the use of resources that characterize various models. For this reason, it is also called "hybrid" and is an excellent alternative when you do not want to cover a modality completely, but rather combine it with other elements.

In this variety of options there is not one better than another in general terms. The specifications of each project, are the ones that will help to determine which of them is the one that should be applied in a specific case.

What kind of design is the right one for you?

As just mentioned, web design is not chosen based on purely aesthetic criteria. The functionality and, above all, the user experience, are the elements that should direct said decision.

On the other hand, not all modalities fit the profile of a business. Although the usefulness and assertiveness of one in particular is recognized, it is also convenient to evaluate its compatibility with the website proposal you want to present and the resources available.

At this point, theadvice from professionals it is essential. Both the previous analyzes and the design and construction phases of a website must be carried out by experts in the field.

En Notecopies, we always remind our clients that the digital world is highly competitive. The design templates which are easily and even freely accessible on the Internet, will never match the quality of a page that has been built based on the particular needs of a business.

Hence, we strive to offer a personalized service, adapted to the demands of users, design trends and requirements of each client. If you are going to start a web project or have decided that it is time to renew the one you already have, we congratulate you and invite you to contact us. With your ideas and our experience, we will get your business positioned on the Internet.

Design and construction phases

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