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The new year 2022 is just around the corner and that means that it is time to know the trends that will set the tone in the world of internet marketing. Do you want to know what challenges you will have to face and what will be the tools that will stand out among the businesses that seek online visibility? Read on and find out.

Inquire, with some anticipation, about the trends of the SEO that will predominate in the months to come, has become a kind of end of year tradition. And it cannot be otherwise, since the updates that are carried out in the digital sector are constant; as well as the changes in consumer preferences.

Many times it is not about making drastic transformations, in the way of selling; far from it, starting from scratch over and over again. But, usually, the news around SEO are demands oriented towards optimization of what has already been done. So all business with internet presence, who has understood the need for such a resource, is aware of the importance of competing through readjustment of their strategies.

demands oriented towards optimization

SEO trends on page for the next year

When talking about on-page SEO, reference is made to the various directly applied tools on a website. These are essential for its proper functioning; since the efforts made are aimed at increase the number of visitors and the pages must be adapted to the preferences of the people who come to them.

In this area, the dominance of some trends that are already known:

Web optimization around semantic searches

Since the AI is part of the technology that characterizes Google, it has been noted that the meaning of words, progressively, acquires greater relevance. An example of this is the Hummingbird algorithm, which guides users more and more on how to make inquiries.

This means that the better positioned web pages will be those that respond to the user's search based on the use of related terms with the products and services of your interest. It follows, of course, that content will continue to be king and will have to specifically satisfy the consumer needs.

Voice searches

It is not a new trend, but it will continue to increase in 2022; And this will probably stay that way for a long time. And it is that, given the success that the voice assistants and Cortana, Siri, and Google Now, users are increasingly inclined towards this way of asking their queries.

This way of working requires optimization changes of the web pages. One of them originates from the understanding that the way of consulting is changing, that the questions are more frequent and, therefore, you have to have the answers ready.

Focus on consumer needs

SEO off page strategies that will predominate in 2022

Many think that, for succeed In applying their strategies, they should focus exclusively on their web pages. However, there are other very effective resources to optimize the organic positioning.

Remember that users not only browse through search engines, they also use their e-mail, are subscribed to Blogs and channels platforms like YouTube; and, in addition, they use the social media. In this sense, the empire of these resources will remain during the next year and their effective use will have a great impact on your website.

And in this vein, it must be emphasized that users are increasingly inclined towards the multimedia content. In this way, applications such as Instagram, Kwai and TikTok compete for interest with YouTube and therefore, the presence on these platforms will be decisive in 2022.

Regarding the above, it is interesting to know the results of the most recent studies on the time spent on the internet. This indicator not only rises every year, but, in a particular way, the attention paid to social media. This is explained in the following video, in which you will see that annually the connection to these platforms is more than 700 hours.

Source: Spaniards spend almost two hours a day on social networks - Play telediario - rtve

What does Notecopies offer you for the next year 2022?

From Notecopies, we advise you to catch up with these and other strategies that will predominate the web interaction with customers next year. And remember that the biggest challenge is not knowing them but knowing how to apply them.

Each business has its own profile and belongs to a specific sector. Therefore, it requires experts who analyze the environment and deduce the best ways to launch your advertising campaigns. We can help you, contact us and we will prepare your company for the challenges that lie ahead.

Attention paid to social networks

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