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A company with a problem in its web project that has been through different companies for many years. It needed to complete its development and launch as soon as possible. Once launched, a strategy has been developed and implemented that has potentially grown its web sales in countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy and now with projection of launching the sale in the American continent.


Get the online store operational in 3 weeks with all kinds of operations and marketing tools. Develop a strategy for the baranding and sale of your products at a European level.


Once we had this project in hand, a copy of this website was made on our servers in a safe environment for development and where, after checking that it was working properly, the changes would be transferred to the production website. All this always in the company of the Allkauf marketing manager who was very supportive, facilitating everything we needed.


The date with the launch date was met and we found the launch campaigns in different digital media and the management of their social networks.