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La Villa Shopping Center

Alcampo La Villa shopping center


Modernize the brand and its pet (the blue chick). Control the media where our brand appears. Be closer to the new generations.


It was a challenge since so far the blue chick was basically accompanying the La Villa logo. To overcome this we decided to give him a story since we had social networks to give him dynamism and tell more about him. That in summer he likes the beach, loves carnivals or enjoys the fashion catwalks. For them we create a 3D chick with which they can play, disguising it or putting it in different situations. At the same time, we expand the color palettes of the logo for its correct incorporation into the new way of communicating. We have modernized and digitized the brand of the leading shopping center in the entire north of the island of Tenerife, changing its way of communicating making it closer and caring more about our users. Within the digitization project of the La Villa shopping center, its website enters, which now goes hand in hand with its different social networks and providing content that is really interesting to its user without losing ourselves in thousands of options. Campaigns in different digital media was another factor to solve. We choose to make a selection of the most recognized media and a greater volume of daily visits so that the brand never sees its image damaged. We do not believe in creating "bulk" campaigns in which anything goes to derive traffic to the web regardless of its quality, that is why at Notecopies we carefully select the media in which our clients appear when advertising. Finally Spotify was integrated to introduce us to a younger audience and with frequent transfers.


From the moment that this way of communicating began to be implemented, we saw how little by little by promoting change with the help of SEM campaigns, we began to see significant increases in followers and, most importantly, in their interactions.