What is Core Web Vitals and how does it affect SEO?

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SEO strategy based on vital web metrics

Did you know that the success of your Internet business depends closely on the good user experience on your Syrian web? And it is that the portals have become the letter of presentation of virtual stores, at the same time that they compete to position themselves in the first places of search engines like Google. Therefore, have a strategy SEO Quality is essential today and it is what we at Notecopies have for you.

To achieve a good SEO positioning, several important elements are required, such as: optimal keywords, accurate information according to the ideal customer model, original web design and eye-catching with frequent updates and maintenance, market analysis based on metrics, and so on. This last aspect being the one that allows us to know if the strategic efforts undertaken are really generating good results.

Top Web Metrics

Now, the measurements to which we have alluded are known as Core Web Vitals, a term that would be translated as Top Web Metrics. The objective of these is to determine if the user is enjoying a good experience (UX) within the web page. How do you achieve a quality UX? In a simple way, by evaluating the:

  • ✓ Interaction of the page.
  • ✓ Visual stability between load and functions.
  • ✓ Fast loading of the portal.

And it is that, as with a physical or conventional business, success is guaranteed if the people who go to the web are satisfied with the atención, appearance and page response time. In other words, it is a great opportunity for search engines like Google to add more relevant aspects that promote the positioning of your website, which would complement your SEO strategies.

Importance of Core Web Vitals

In general, metrics are essential to quantify performance of any activity. In this sense, the Core Web Vitals is valuable for evaluating the user experience, its attraction to design, the effectiveness of the ideal client study and the ability of the product or service to respond to market needs. In this way, you will be able to define the areas in which you have to work or those that it will be preferable to eliminate.

For this there are digital tools that in order to measure the UX they have established indices, to help digital marketing experts to analyze, monitor and optimize the resources used. Between them:

  • Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS. An analysis index of the use of responsive design, which means that the web correctly adjusts to the electronic devices through which the portal can be accessed; being the most common mobiles, computers and tablets. For this, it is essential that the display load structure (viewport) varies as little as possible; thus, a maximum CLS score of 0,1 is considered good.
  • Largest Contentful Paint or LCP. In this case, the index reflects the total loading time of the website, from when the process starts until all the animations and text are already available to the user. The goal for a page to be considered fast is 2,5 seconds; and, after 4 seconds, it is said to be poor or slow.
  • First Input Delay or FID. This index seeks to measure the time necessary for people to interact with the web portal; either by clicking buttons, scrolling within the page, searching within the menu, and so on. The optimal value is 100 ms, while 300 ms is considered a negative score for the site.
Monitoring and optimization of resources used

How do these indexes complement SEO?

Analysis of measurable variables

When we talk about SEO, many are included subjective aspectsBecause

  • ▶ Who can guarantee that a web design is original?
  • ▶ How do we know that potential customers stopped browsing because they did not identify with the content?
  • ▶ How do we determine that the keywords are correct?

The answer is simple, through indicators and analysis of measurable variables Like the time. That is to say that, in the first instance, the peritos in online marketing must ensure that people are enjoying and connecting with the content. So, if they rule out the visit, it will be for other reasons that they will have to work on.

Since, it makes no sense that a page that is difficult to access is better positioned than another that has made an effort so that its audience can navigate efficiently. And that is why Google, the most used search engine this year 2021, constantly works on measuring the aforementioned indices through the platform Google Search Console. Do you want to include Core Web Vitals in your SEO strategy? Contact us and we will tell you how to achieve it.

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